Facial Video Data Collection Project (South Africa-ZA)

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Posted on: 2 weeks ago
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Participants will be asked to take 11 short videos of themselves, while wearing different props (e.g., sunglasses, face masks, hats) or without any props. Each video will be less than 40 seconds long.

Project schedule

• The project is ongoing
• Estimated time to complete the task: 15 to 30 minutes

Please note each participant can only complete the task once


• A device with a camera (e.g., phone or tablet)
• Stable Internet connection for the duration of the task
• Pass an ID verification process

Payment rate

• $20 USD for completing the full task
• This is an independent contractor opportunity and a one-time task
• Payment will be processed via PayPal

If you are interested to apply, go to the link below and make sure you click "Submit" at the end of the form: